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Matching Gifts

Double your Impact With A Matching Gift!                                                                               

What are matching gifts?

Matching gifts are cash donations made by                                your employer, or your spouse‚Äôs employer,                                  that are equal the value of your initial gift.                          Many companies have Matching Gift                              Programs that DOUBLE individual tax-                      deductible contributions from their                            employees.

                                                                                                           What are Dollars-for-Doers/Volunteer             Programs?

Many companies will match, in dollars, any                      volunteer hours you give to ECYS. Ask your                              HR dept. about your company's volunteer                                  and Dollars-for-Doers programs.                              

                                                                                        Why apply for a matching gift?

It's an easy way to increase the impact of                                   your ECYS donations. You'll get credit for                                   the entire gift - both your contribution and                               your company's match.                                                                                                                                                                                 

How do I know if my company has a                   matching gift program?

The procedure for each company is different.                              Ask your HR dept. about your company's                            program.  


How do I process the matching form?                 Where do I send it?

Your company will give you a matching gift                          form to fill out and send to the ECYS office                           with your contribution (check or online                       donation). ECYS will process the matching                              gift form and send it back to your company.


What if my company doesn't use forms?

Many Bay Area companies no longer process paperwork. Usually, they have their employees request matching gifts through their internal websites.  Please contact your HR office for more information.

CLICK HERE for a list of companies that have supported ECYS through matching gifts and volunteer programs. We welcome matching gifts from new sources.


Email Kay Kleinerman, or call (650) 213-7111, ext. 103

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