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Kolchinsky Scholarship Fund

                Kolchinsky Scholarship Fund                

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  "I am deeply honored that this scholarship fund carries my name. It is my hope that you will respond to the great need among our members." - Dr. Camilla Kolchinsky                          


Born in Moscow to a Jewish family, Maestra Camilla Kolchinsky spent the last 20 years of her professional conducting career as Music Director of ECYS. Dr. Kolchinsky was revered for her talents as a conductor, while being adored for her kindness and generosity – particularly in her work with young musicians. In 2003, at Dr. Kolchinsky's urging, ECYS established a bi-annual international tour for our Senior Symphony musicians. Dr. Kolchinsky firmly believed that touring contributed immeasurably to the musical and personal growth of a young musician, and sought this experience for all of her students. The program met with such success that it quickly became a hallmark for Senior Symphony members. Every two years, these talented young musicians eagerly look forward to the incomparable opportunity to broaden their knowledge of other cultures, and their development as world citizens and artists.


However, each tour fare costs $5,000, which some of our students simply can’t afford. In 2011, ECYS established the Kolchinsky Scholarship Fund to provide tour scholarships for eligible Senior Symphony students-in-need. Your generous gift to this fund will help these deserving students benefit from the life-changing event of touring, while honoring Dr. Kolchinsky's memory. 



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