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Music Teacher Appreciation
 ECYS violinist Wendy Song and her
 teacher Lingling Yang.

ECYS invites you to participate in our #MusicTeacherMonday recognition! 

We would like to give thanks for the wonderful music teachers who have made an impact on the lives of our young musicians. The person you choose to recognize could be a private music teacher, a school music teacher, or an ECYS coach or conductor!

You can use the form below or you can download and mail the form to the ECYS Office: 4055 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303

We hope you will encourage your child to fill out the form, giving us some insight into the men and woman who guide and inspire your student.

We plan to share the forms with the teachers through our website and social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). We hope that you will include the musician’s name so that the teachers will know who thinks so highly of them, but you are more than welcome to keep it anonymous. 

We LOVE photos. If you would like to share a photo of the musician and the teacher, please email Lori Bingham (

Thank you for your participation!

By submitting a form or photo, you are giving ECYS permission to share the information.

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