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Class of 2011

20112011 Graduates

Stephanie Chu, flute, 2007 - 2011

Update 05/2013: I am currently attending University of the Pacific studying Speech-Language Pathology and a BA in Music in Flute. I am actively involved in the Conservatory of Music, playing in Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the orchestra. I also joined a professional music fraternity this semester called Mu Phi Epsilon, where I established connections with countless musicians who are just as passionate about music as I am. In addition, I was chosen to perform in my school's Student Honor's Recital. This summer, I will be doing a six-week internship at Bear Valley Music Festival. I plan to study abroad in Vienna, Austria in the Spring of 2014, where I will be participating in a semester-long music program for foreign exchange students.

Comments: ECYS has been so much more than just orchestra experience that I could put down on my resume. Looking back at my 4 years in ECYS, I realized that being part of this incredibly supportive organization has changed me into a much more confident, passionate musician. The opportunities ECYS provides, such as playing principal parts, soloing with the orchestra, and touring around Europe, are priceless moments I will forever cherish. Most importantly, ECYS taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance, not just in music but in everything else that I do, and these lessons carry far with me into college and beyond. I am so thankful for everything that ECYS has given me during my 4 years there, and I am grateful that ECYS continues to inspire and change the lives of more and more musicians.

Aaron Shuler, trumpet

Update 11/2012: I'm currently attending the University of California at Davis and studying Computer Science with a possible double major in Music Composition. I am the principle trumpet player in the UCD Symphony Orchestra and am also playing in a brass quintet.

Comments: I credit my time in ECYS with turning my hobby of playing trumpet into a passion that will be with me my whole life. Under the wonderful guidance of Dr. Kolchinsky, I was introduced to a whole new world of music literature and music performance, leaving me with memories I will remember for the rest of my life. ECYS is the perfect place for budding musicians of all ages.

Tim Yu, violin

Update 11/2012: I am currently pursuing a Cognitive Science and Economics double major at UCLA. I took a year off from music, but plan on getting back into the scene for 2013 by joining the UCLA Symphony and hopefully starting to work more on my YouTube channel and collaborations with other people. I am envisioning a career in business, technology and entrepreneurship, and at the same time, hope to stay connected to the music world in whatever means I can.

Comments: ECYS has been more than just an organization for me the ten years I have been a part of it; it has been family. My experience in ECYS has truly shaped me into the person I am today, more-so than anything else. I could go for hours talking about all the incredible musical opportunities and experiences ECYS provided me: my first solo performance as a tiny third grader and the numerous solo opportunities that followed in magnificent venues--including those in Europe, the unforgettable Symphony European concert tours, masterclasses with world-renowned artists, an enriching quartet that got to perform at a Joint Venture Silicon Valley Conference, the inspiring tutelage of the conductor Dr. Camilla Kolchinsky and the professional repertoire, and countless charity and service performances.

However, ECYS offered more than just growth as a professional musician. It helped me become a true artist, leader and teammate, and showed me how rewarding it felt to achieve success not just individually but also as a team. It taught me what commitment, hard work and perseverance was all about. It made me realize how much I loved to inspire people through music and give back to the community.

Most importantly, it provided me timeless memories, and blessed me with a lifelong family of aspiring musicians, leaders and friends that are so like-minded, yet so diverse, that still inspires me to this very day. ECYS has played such a tremendous role in all aspects of my life, and I am forever grateful for everything the organization has done for me and the extraordinary impact it will continue to have on the community and future generations.

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